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  • 2020 Canadian Vessel List

    June 17, 2020
  • Ocean Imaging AAFA Promo

    February 26, 2020
  • Guide for Complying with the Vessel Fishing Requirements of the U.S. Canada Albacore Treaty 2019

    January 16, 2020

    This guide is intended to help owners and operators of West Coast albacore fishing vessels understand their obligations if they wish to fish for albacore in Canadian waters, transit through Canadian waters without fishing, or use Canadian ports during the summer albacore fishing season
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  • Certificate of Documentation (COD) Guidance During Application Processing Delays

    July 16, 2019

    The National Vessel Documentation Center (NVDC) is experiencing delays in the time necessary to issue a Certificate of Documentation (COD) due to performance issues associated with its Information Technology (IT) System. The following guidance is provided on the website here

  • 2019 Canadian Vessel List

    June 20, 2019
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