Clipper Oil: Latest Fishing News – Taiwan Cuts Ties with Solomon Islands

Taiwan Cuts Ties with Solomon Islands, Accuses China of ‘Dollar Diplomacy’
Redflagged Vessels May Lose Big: FFA
American Samoa’s Governor Fears Closure of American Samoa’s Biggest Employer
‘Unfair’ Fee Discourages Tuna Processing and Fishing Industry
Climate Redistribution of Tuna May Mean a Loss of USD 60 Million for Pacific by 2050
Report Finds Transshipments in Western, Central Pacific Likely Underreported

Vessels – Resolution, Steel Fin, and Two Captains

Clipper Oil: Latest Fishing News

New Study Shows Migratory Tuna Species are Spawning in Pacific Marine Protected Area
Papua New Guinea Turns Toward China, Seeks Help With Tuna Processing Investment
Pacific Forum Fisheries Agency Enacts New Crew Welfare Regulations
Thai Union Group Gross Profit Up 13% in 2Q
American Tunaboat Association Loses Lawsuit in Fight Against NMFS
Pacific Island Leaders Renew Shipping Emissions Battle
Climate Change Could Expose More Humans to Mercury in Seafood

US tuna fleet faces tenuous future

Obscured by the size and impact of the mega-deal announced earlier this month that placed American seafood giant Tri Marine under the control the even-larger conglomerate Bolton Group International was an intriguing footnote: Tri Marine owner Renato Curto would retain ownership of the company’s U.S. fleet….
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