Canadian government awards funds to nine new Atlantic enterprises

The Canadian government announced on Oct. 22 that it has agreed to provide CAD 573,000 ($437,500) to nine new seafood projects in the province of Nova Scotia, a press release said. Among the enterprises being given the green light are the Coldwater Lobster Association’s pilot study into using rope-less fishing gear to reduce the risks to endangered marine mammals; IMO Foods’ processing system intended to cut the canner’s energy consumption….
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Seaport developer, fishermen reach deal to help save San Diego’s storied fishing industry

After years of negotiations, San Diego’s fishermen and a local developer have signed an agreement to recapture a lost piece of the city’s history – a thriving commercial fishing trade that once employed thousands of people while netting hundreds of millions of dollars. Much of the agreement focuses on five acres called Tuna Harbor, and the role it will play within Seaport San Diego, the billion-dollar waterfront development expected to break ground in 2022….
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Clipper Oil: Latest Fishing News – Micronesia’s Longline Yellowfin Tuna Fishery Achieves MSC Certification

Latest Fishing News – October 2018
Micronesia’s Longline Yellowfin Tuna Fishery Achieves MSC Certification
Minimum Wage Task Force in American Samoa Submits Report To Governor
Rift Between Papua New Guinea and Pacifical Threatens Future Of Regional Tuna MSC Certification
Saupiquet Launches Sustainable Tuna Line
National Fisheries Development (NFD) Is Facing Piracy Challenges

Multi-million tuna racket traced to Maltese waters

A network of 79 individuals allegedly illegally selling bluefin tuna caught in Malta was busted in an operation involving enforcement agencies from a number of countries, the Times of Malta has learned. More than 80,000 kilos of illicit bluefin tuna were seized and it is estimated the network trafficked more than 2.5 million kilos of the species a year….
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