Clipper Oil: Latest Fishing News – ICCAT Lowers Catch Limit, Reduces FADs for Bigeye Tuna

ICCAT Lowers Catch Limit, Reduces FADs for Bigeye Tuna
EU Will Evaluate in 2020 Withdrawal of ‘Yellow Card’ to Ecuadorian Tuna
Fiji to Lobby for Tuna Deal at WCFC in PNG
Local Fisheries Task Force Mainly Supports Fed Proposed Rule for Management of “Area of Overlap”
South Korea, Philippines Sign MoU on Aquaculture Cooperation
Samoa’s Measles Epidemic: Death Toll Rises to 55

FishNews – November 20, 2019

NOAA Appoints New Director for International Affairs and Seafood Inspection
United States Takes Leading Role in Global Fisheries Management
NOAA Releases New Strategies to Apply Emerging Science and Technology
Nominations Sought for New Recreational Electronic Reporting Task Force
Beachwalkers: Please Report Cold-Stunned Sea Turtles
NOAA Fisheries Launches Updated Social Indicator Mapping Tool
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Why Children (and Pregnant Women) May Want to Eat More Fish

Does fish make children smarter? There is some evidence that it might.
In two reviews of data from 44 studies, researchers have concluded that eating seafood during pregnancy and childhood is associated with improved performance on tests of mental skills. The analyses, published in the journal PLEFA, included 29 studies with 102,944 mother-child pairs, and 15 reports on 25,031 children under 18….Read more (