MLPA Chair praises oil industry’s ‘safety record’ as CEQA review begins

The environmental review process has begun for the South Coast Study Region Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) developed under Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s fast-track Marine Life Protection (MLPA) Initative, a privatized process overseen by an oil industry lobbyist who has praised the industry’s “safety record” as the BP Deepwater Horizon oil gusher continues to devastate marine life and fishing communities in the Gulf of Mexico…. Read more (IndyBay.Org)

Dutch Consumer Organisation Test

The Dutch Consumer Organisation did a test on canned tuna and also looked into sustainability. The numbers one and two were both AFAA sourced tuna products.Number one is NIXE, LIDL’s private label brand. Second came Fishes. Download article (in Dutch): PDF 1PDF 2.

Sushi Fest & Seafood Fest

Dates: Fri. Feb 26 and Sat. Feb 27; 2010
Place: Wegmans Food Market – 11620 Monument Drive, Fairfax, VA 22030
Uoriki Fresh Inc, the US division of Tokyo’s famous Tsukiji Market fishmonger Uoriki Co Ltd, is working together with top US supermarket Wegmans to bring you a special fish market. The event is designed to introduce great fresh fish directly from Tsukiji Market to the American customer. Featured specialties from Japan will include flying fish (tobiuo), yellowtail (hamachi), red seabream (tai), horse mackerel (aji), scallops (hotate), high grade frozen tuna (maguro), and high grade miso blackcod (saikyo miso gindara). Please contact Wegmans Food Market at 703-653-1600 for more information.

Tuna fishermen get breather

With the three-month fish aggregating device ban now in effect, the government has offered an alternative measure that would allow Filipino fishers to catch tuna in the Philippines’ exclusive economic zone (EEZ), a tuna industry official said yesterday…. Read more (

Albacora, NOAA reach settlement

After four days of negotiations, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration on Thursday announced it reached a settlement with Europe’s largest tuna fishing company in regards to accusations of illegal, unregulated and unreported fishing…. Read more (