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Catch quality and access to markets drives economic performance in tuna fisheries

Tuna fisheries supply nutrients, food, employment, and other economic benefits to coastal states and global industrial fleets. A new analysis now examines the causes for variability in economic performance among regions and management types through Fishery Performance Indicators, which score performance on 68 questions answered on a scale from 1 (worst) to 5 (best). Benefits were greatest for tuna caught for canning and for sashimi (raw fish) markets….
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Climate change will redistribute tuna

The increase in skipjack and yellowfin tuna in the tropical area, and the movement of the rest of the species (albacore, Atlantic bluefin tuna, bigeye tuna and southern bluefin tuna) towards colder waters are the main conclusions of the research led by AZTI, which has analyzed the impact of climate change on the most important tuna species. The study, led by the AZTI researchers Haritz Arrizabalaga and Maite Erauskin-Extramiana, has taken into account the effect of the environmental conditions….
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Clipper Oil: Latest Fishing News – Pacific Happy with Outcomes at Tuna Commission Meeting

Latest Fishing News April 1-8, 2019
Pacific Happy With Outcomes at Tuna Commission Meeting
PNA Gets ‘Healthy Tuna’ Report, Works On Key Management Initiatives
86% Of Global Tuna Catch Continues To Come From Stocks At Healthy Levels, But Some Stocks Remain Overfished
Pacific Tuna Stocks Are At A Healthy Level: Is Sustainable Fishery Management Responsible?
Bangkok, Manta Skipjack Prices Still Rising Fast With ETP Catches Poor

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