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Proposed Federal Rule re Revision to Prohibited Species Regulations

This proposed rule was published in today’s federal register which will allow HMS permitted fishermen (incl Albacore fishermen) to retain Salmon and Pacific halibut, if all of the necessary regulations for those respective fisheries are followed (ie – permits, season is open, using proper gear and not in a closed area or in an area not covered by the fisherman’s salmon permit).

The following is taken directly from the text of the proposed rule, “The main entities to which this action would apply are fishermen that fish for albacore using surface hook-and-line gear, as they often have the opportunity to fish for salmon with the same gear and on the same trip. Typically, albacore are available off of the coast of Oregon and Washington around May or June, while the salmon season is also open. Though albacore is caught beyond 10 miles off the coast, fishermen sometimes stop to catch salmon when returning to port and generally inside of 5 miles from the coast.”

NMFS is taking public comments through June 19 on this.