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Alleged labor abuses put New Zealand in spotlight

22 February, 2012 – Reaction is pouring in to an investigative report into slavery and indentured labor aboard foreign charter fishing vessels operating in New Zealand waters….. Read more (SeafoodSource.com)

US Retailers Investigate Slave Labor On Fishing Boats

Source: 3News

Two of America’s largest grocery chains are investigating whether slave labor is rife on commercial fishing boats operating in New Zealand waters…. Read more (Atuna)

Japan Struggles With High Tuna Prices

Source:  Nippon Keizai Shimbun

During the past year, prices for Thai canned tuna have increased by 50 percent, surpassing USD 2,000 per M/T.  Costs for skipjack tuna raw material price are reaching record levels. Japanese companies are finding that the high raw material cost has counteracted the appreciation of the yen…. Read more (Atuna, registration required)

Positive fisheries case study report: Interview with Natalie Webster

View the interview here! (PDF)

In Japan, skipjack prices at record highs

10 February, 2012 – Skipjack tuna prices are soaring to record highs. The wholesale price of Thai canned tuna has increased 50 percent from a year ago, surpassing USD 2,000 per metric ton. Japanese companies are finding that the high raw material cost has counteracted the appreciation of the yen…. Read more (SeafoodSource.com)

USA Now Offering USD 6,444 For A Tuna Fishing Day In PNA

Source: Islands Business

As the Pacific races to seal a deal for its tuna stocks, Papua New Guinea has been able to secure a temporary payment of USD 45 million from the United States for the Pacific Islands Parties as a condition for revoking the termination of the US treaty…. Read more (Atuna)

New Zealand Fish Guide Ranks Skipjack And Albacore As Best Choices

Source: FishNewsEU

New Zealand conservation organization Forest & Bird has launched the latest edition of its Best Fish Guide to help consumers choose seafood that is sustainably fished… Read more (Atuna)

Safeway Announces Move To Free School Canned Skipjack

Source: PRNewswire

Safeway Inc., which sees itself as a recognized leader in embracing sustainable seafood practices, has announced that its own Safeway brand skipjack (chunk-light) canned tuna will be switching to responsibly caught skipjack using free-school purse-seine methods. The company will transition to the purse-seine method by the end of the year. Free-school tuna is caught by purse-seiners using traditional methods of spotting schools of fish using radar and sonar, while captains employ powerful binoculars to spot birds attracted by schools of tuna…. Read more (Atuna)

Fisheries Viewpoint: Corruption in Pacific Tuna Fisheries?

The beauty of the current US negotiations with the Pacific islands is that the public is completely aware of the issues that separate the Pacific and the USA in a renewal of this quarter century old agreement…. Read more

EU Study Into The “Papua Danger” Kicks Off

Source: La Opinion de Coruna

In recent months, leaders in the European tuna canning industry, mostly based in Galicia, Spain, have been warning the EU Community authorities about the “danger” of the agreement between the European Union and Pacific countries like Papua New Guinea. The European Parliament’s Fishery Commission has responded to the canning industry’s complaints by requesting the European Commission to draw up a report about the future impact this agreement may have on the EC industry…. Read more (Atuna)

Mexico Starts Program To Support Tuna Longline Fleet

Source: Ensenada

Applications to benefit from the “Support Program for Investment in Equipment and Infrastructure” within the plan for Fishing Fleet Modernization and Rationalization Of The Fishing Effort can be submitted from January 15th to March 30th.

The Mexican National Commission of Aquaculture and Fisheries (CONAPESCA) reported that the plan aims to streamline the activities of the largest fishing fleet, by modernizing and equipping the vessels.

This support is directed at any person or entity that has larger boats that are in the possession of a valid tuna longline fishing permit, and whose vessel shows signs of deterioration and need to be modernized and equipped.

The support may be allocated to the replacement of main engines, the procurement and installation of fuel-efficient catalysts, replacement or fixing of hull lining, rigging and deck, shaft fittings, propeller, coating, storage maintenance, installation of motor generators, condensers, cooling systems, as well as the acquisition of equipment and selective fishing gear.

The Federation will give additional support to the investments made by the producers, for 50% of the total cost of the work to be done, with the maximum contribution of MXN 1 million (USD 77,000), and the producer will provide the other 50%.

CONAPESCA explained that in the last two years, a total of MXN 7,081,545 (USD 544,000) has been awarded for the modernization of 19 larger vessels. 2012 is the support program’s third consecutive active year and invites interested fish producers to visit the Subdelegation of Fisheries for more information.

USDA Affirms Food-Inflation Forecast at 2.5% to 3.5% in 2012

U.S. consumers will pay 2.5 percent to 3.5 percent more for food in 2012, the Department of Agriculture said, affirming its December forecast…. Read more (Bloomberg)

Tuna Treaty Parties Looking For More From US

Pacific Island countries will be looking for further concessions from the United States as negotiations to renew the South Pacific Tuna Treaty continue…. Read more (Radio New Zealand International)

No Outlook That Ban On Pacific Pockets Will Be Lifted

Philippine tuna fishers, most of them from Mindanao, will have to wait two months more before the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC) decides whether or not to lift the two-year ban on purse seine tuna fishing using fish aggregating devices in two pockets of seas in the Western Pacific region…. Read more (MindaNews)

WWF: Fishing Rules Must Also Cover EU Tuna Vessels In Foreign Waters

New rules are needed to make sure all European fishing vessels fishing outside of EU waters operate in a sustainable way, campaigners urged on Wednesday…. Read more (Guardian)

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