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Albacore Tuna: A Thrilling Fishery at the Westport Marina

Imagine the thrill of hooking a 20 pound fish that can swim up to 50 mph. Every year, hundreds of such thrill-seekers journey to the Westport Marina for the unique experience of catching North Pacific Albacore tuna. This sustainable fishery is an economic mainstay of Washington’s leading commercial fish landing port. Each summer, when the schools of albacore return, so do their fans, spurring commercial, recreational, and retail activity at the Westport Marina….
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Clipper Oil: Latest Fishing News – Indian Ocean Seiners’ FAD Catch Doubled

Latest Fishing Headlines- August 30, 2018
Researchers Say High Seas Fisheries Play Limited Role in Feeding the World
Indian Ocean Seiners’ FAD Catch Doubled
A Snapshot of the Large-Scale Tropical Tuna Purse Seine Fishing Fleets
Taiwanese Boat Investigated After Being Caught in NZ Waters
Ecuador Approves Law Expected to Drive Tuna Fleet Renewal, Boost Shrimp Sector Investments

USAID Oceans leads roundtable discussing sustainability in Southeast Asia

The United States Agency of International Development’s (USAID) Oceans and Fisheries Partnership led a business roundtable discussing sustainable and traceable fisheries in Southeast Asia, and how private sector commitments could benefit the region. The gathering, which took place in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A….
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