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FishNews – March 6, 2019

NOAA Fisheries at Seafood Expo – Booth #181
Formal Review of NOAA’s Aquaculture Science
New Measures to End Shortfin Mako Overfishing
Help Right Whales: Give Them Space
2019 Climate Adaptation Leadership Awards
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FishNews – February 13, 2019

Whale Week is over but join us as we discover more about these awe-inspiring marine mammals and our work with partners to conserve and protect them.
Also learn about the $20,000 reward that NOAA is offering for information that leads to a civil penalty or criminal conviction in the shootings of California sea lions in and around West Seattle. That and more.
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FishNews – February 6, 2019

In this issue: NOAA Fisheries announced the availability of up to $6 million in Community-Based Restoration Program funding for habitat restoration in 2019, New U.S.-Canada Pacific Halibut Agreement, Help Wanted: Tropical Tuna Tagging Program, Feedback on NOAA Fisheries’ Website, and more.
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