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Breaking news in the fishing industry.

‘They are taking out a generation of tuna’: overfishing causes crisis in Philippines

Men like Raul Gomez have been catching tuna for 40 years, but as fisheries in the region edge closer to collapse, he spends longer at sea to catch ever smaller tuna. Raul Gomez is an old man who fishes with five crew on a clipper in the seas known as the coral triangle, and he has spent two months now without taking enough to feed his family. Riding out storms and searing heat in western Pacific waters, the burly, sun-inked Filipino uses a pole and line to reel in yellowfin tuna the size of an adult human…
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Could the High Seas Be Closed to Fishing?

As the United Nations prepares to begin negotiations next month on a high seas biodiversity treaty, some scientists and advocates say a spate of recent research supports banning commercial fishing in international waters to protect remote ecosystems. MOMENTUM IS GROWING for a radical yet potentially realistic proposal to close international waters to commercial fishing. The idea first began to snowball in 2014, and since then more and more scientists and conservationists have joined the call…
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Fish Caught in America and Processed in China Could Get Trapped in Trade Dispute

The next round of U.S. tariffs aimed at Chinese imports could wind up hurting a major product that initially comes from America: fish. Proposed 10% duties by the Trump administration last month on $200 billion worth of imports from China included dozens of varieties of fish, from tilapia to tuna. The proposed tariffs, which could increase to 25%, are set ….
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Will US-China Trade War Boost Thai Tuna Business?

The escalating trade war between the United States and China has the potential to push seafood processors from both countries, in the direction of Thailand. This is according to Chanintr Chalisarapong, President of the Thai Tuna Industry Association (TTIA), the umbrella group of major tuna processors in the Asian nation. According to him, tuna canning and other seafood processing companies could be driven to move their operations to Thailand….
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Trump tariffs will ‘destroy’ China’s growing US tuna sales

The introduction of an additional 10% — or potentially even 25% — tariff on seafood imports from China, threatened by US president Donald Trump, would kill the trade between the two countries on tuna, industry sources in Asia and the US told Undercurrent News. However, additional tariffs are unlikely to cause an increase in prices in the North American market, as others will step in to fill the gap, sources said….
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