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FishNews – March 6, 2019

NOAA Fisheries at Seafood Expo – Booth #181
Formal Review of NOAA’s Aquaculture Science
New Measures to End Shortfin Mako Overfishing
Help Right Whales: Give Them Space
2019 Climate Adaptation Leadership Awards
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MSC Opens Consultations to Ban Certification of ‘Compartmentalized’ Fisheries, Like Free School Tuna

The Marine Stewardship Council is taking steps to ban the practice of certified fisheries also participating in non-certified fisheries on the same trip. This was the issue that came up nearly ten years ago when the first Pacifical tuna fisheries were certified, with the requirement that vessels segregate catches from free school tuna (which had a certificate) and catches from FAD tuna, which did not. Skipjack tuna caught with FADS is not eligible for MSC certification due to the high bycatch of… Read more (

Building a Future for Japan’s Fisheries Industry

It’s well known that catches of bluefin tuna, eel, Pacific saury, and other species have been poor lately. This may sound as though it’s a problem pertaining just to this year, but the truth is that Japan’s catches, excluding pelagic fishery, have been in straight decline for over 20 years and are on track to fall to zero by 2050. This is not just happenstance; structural issues are to blame….Read more (

FishNews – February 13, 2019

Whale Week is over but join us as we discover more about these awe-inspiring marine mammals and our work with partners to conserve and protect them.
Also learn about the $20,000 reward that NOAA is offering for information that leads to a civil penalty or criminal conviction in the shootings of California sea lions in and around West Seattle. That and more.
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