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Breaking news in the fishing industry.

Eating Fish During Pregnancy is Good For Baby

Attention expecting mothers: eat your fish! Baby will thank you later. New research has determined that if a woman eats a good helping of fish while pregnant, there are a whole hosts of developmental benefits that can be conferred to an unborn child….

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One in five fish linked to illegal activity

The EU has imposed sanctions on imports from Sri Lanka’s fisheries after the country failed to curb illegal fishing. Tony Long of The Pew Charitable Trusts tells DW how new technology can help ports tackle the problem….

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Philippine tuna in 2015: Facing the new threat

GENERAL SANTOS CITY, Philippines – Tuesday, January 27, was a lucky day for 40-year-old Wilson Manlunas.

His fishing crew of five just landed 10 pieces of yellowfin tuna which, if the quality is good enough, could gross them P100,000 (US$2,250) after a 10-day fishing venture….

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Survey: Local seafood remains a hot U.S. culinary trend

While restaurant operators know that consumers want more local and sustainable seafood, the trend has reached a new pinnacle. In its annual survey of nearly 1,300 professional chefs, the National Restaurant Association found that the top U.S. food trend for 2015 is “locally sourced seafood and meats.”…

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