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WCMAC 5 June 2013 – ESB 5603 implementation

Primary Goal of ESB 5603 is to sanction the people of the coast at “the” primary discussion/decision table to set Pacific coastal marine water policy and management in a manner that protects, preserves, stabilizes, and allows enhancement of the marine water coastal JOB base with a special portion dedicated to addressing a narrow ocean acidification scope so critical to calcifying marine life including economically important oysters, clams, and crab extending the function of the OA blue ribbon panel.

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Changes in Washington Unemployment Law for Crew Wages

The Coalition was instrumental in helping the Purse Seine Vessel Owners Association’s attached sponsored legislation on an exemption from WA Unemployment insurance come to fruition. The WA Unemployment requirement has been a problem for the commercial fishing fleet for many years. The Coalition appreciates the Purse Seine Owners Association leading the effort to get this exemption passed into law this Spring.

WA Unemployment Law Summary