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FishNews – January 28, 2015

  • Podcast: Cameras Aid Fish Population Estimation
  • Appointments Made to New MAFAC Task Forces
  • NOAA Plans Stakeholder Briefing on President’s FY16 Budget RequestSave the date: NOAA plans to hold a stakeholder briefing on February 17 (date tentative)
    from 2:00 – 4:00 p.m. to discuss the President’s Fiscal Year 2016 Budget Request,
    due to be released next week. NOAA Administrator Dr. Kathryn Sullivan will lead
    the briefing, which can be attended in person or by phone. Details and date confirmation
    to follow.

Finally… lower fuel costs

January 2015 Newsletter

** A message from our President

Fuel prices have given us a great end to 2014 and a nice start for 2015. It appears fuel prices will remain soft for the near future. Prices declined at such a rapid rate in the past several months that it was difficult for fuel suppliers, including Masco, to reduce the pricing as quickly as we wanted because we all had the higher priced fuel at our facilities. The answer for our customers was to reduce our supply as quickly as possible to make room for the new lower cost fuel. It was a bit painful on our end, but we were successful and you are experiencing some of the lowest cost fuel we have seen in years.

A question that is commonly asked is; why is diesel so much more than gasoline? The partial answer is the United States exports 1,000 percent more diesel than a decade ago. That equates to about half of what the trucking industry consumes in a year. It’s a free market and we just have to live with the difference, at least for now. A solution would be more refinery capacity, but government regulations make it extremely difficult/expensive to build the facilities.

The bottom line on lower fuel prices, it will rev up our economy. The less we pay in fuel has a direct impact on disposable income and gives us all more to spend on goods and services. I truly believe the price of oil put the world economy into the great recession. If oil prices stay down it will have the opposite effect, but remember, there is always a lag for economies to react. The economy is like a big ship that takes time to start and stop, but when it gets going, as in our economy, we will see lots of momentum.

The weather is cold, so remember to keep your heating oil tanks full. Call today for the discounted price on automatic fueling. Also, talk to our lubricant specialists on the correct applications during this weather. Multi-viscosity oils are essential to good lubrication on cold days. Mobil Oil has all of the lubricants you will need for your application, regardless of atmospheric changes.

Thank you for your business and let’s have a prosperous 2015.


James C. Mason