Queen Charlotte

Queen Charlotte

Mike White: “We were fishing tuna. A big blow was coming and a Canadian fisherman said he knew of a spot we could get out of the weather. I remember he got to the islands first and jogged for about 2 hours in about 40-50 miles winds waiting for the rest of us to get there. Then he led us in to the sound.

We tied up to a barge that was anchored there. There was a mining town there. We would all get on one boat and go into the town and eat and drink with all the workers of the mine. They treated us real good.

Black bears would be all over the beaches. Two of our guys went in and killed two deer and we had a prawn trap on our boat. We were catching 50-60 prawns a night. We had a good time and ate surf and turf a couple of meals.

We were in there 3 or 4 nights before the storm passed.

We had good fishing off the Canadian coast two or three seasons in row. We went into a place called Winter Harbor, too.

I don’t have any pictures of there.”

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