Victor Edwin Morris III was a good friend who fished with me on the Victory in 1974.

In 2010, when I walked into Schiewe’s gear store for the first time in 30 years, Roy remembered several stories about our adventures. I thought my engine running away at this fuel dock would be the first but it wasn’t.

Roy Schiewe: “At the beginning of the season Victor came in and bought a set of rain gear, promising to ‘pay me in the bite’. At the end of the season, he came in and said he was a little short but hadn’t forgotten. Then in the fall, on a windy, rainy day he came into the store and laid a huge slab of elk backstrap on the counter. It was delicious.”

I think of Victor often, especially when expressions come out that I first heard from him. Victor died June 28, 2006 of natural causes.

1974 photo.

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