Kenny Strong’s Wasp off Domingo Creek.

I remember being on his boat in the Eureka City Marina for about an hour while his burly, red headed deckhand Daryl stropped and honed a fish knife. He had a stange half smile on his face and never said a word. Finally, he stopped. When I looked at him, he broke into a wide, crazed grin as he effortlessly shaved hair off his arm.

Capt. CaCa writes: “Sooo…one time, after a prolonged NW blow was about to abate we were all getting geared up to go fishing. Kenny staggered down the old Eureka docks toward his boat, the Wasp. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a couple of bucks and some change. He threw it all into the bay, “Wellll, looks I’m really broke now! Gotta go fishing!” Urp! “Untie me!”


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