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  • Aleutian StormAleutian Storm
    Fishing Vessel Aleutian Storm Member Since 2008
    David & Erik Shogren
    Crescent City, CA
  • Alliance
    Fishing Vessel Alliance Member Since 2008
    Michael Zucker
    Newport, OR
  • Amylyn
    Fishing Vessel Amylyn Member Since 2006
    Tom Wraith
    Brookings, OR
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  • Ana Maria
    Fishing Vessel Ana Maria Member Since 2008
    Brett Rouintree
    San Diego, CA

  • Fishing Vessel Barbara Marie Member Since 2015
    Blaine Rodgers
  • Billie Marie II
    Fishing Vessel Billie Marie II Member Since 2007
    Eric Hopfer
    Westport, WA
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  • Bountiful
    Fishing Vessel Bountiful Member Since 2006
    Russell & Rachel Timmer
    Crescent City, CA
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  • Captain Banjo
    Fishing Vessel Captain Banjo Member Since 2008
    Skip McMaster
    Eureka, CA
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  • Charlotte V
    Fishing Vessel Charlotte V Member Since 2009
    Jeffrey Vouaux
    San Diego, CA
  • Connie H
    Fishing Vessel Connie H Member Since 2007
    Paul Hill
    Bellingham, WA

  • Fishing Vessel Courageous Member Since 2017
    John Hankins
    San Diego, CA
  • Dalena
    Fishing Vessel Dalena Member Since 2007
    Paul Hill
    Bellingham, WA
  • Debra Ann
    Fishing Vessel Debra Ann Member Since 2008
    Gary & Debra Motsinger, New Vessel Debra Ann as of 2016
    Garibaldi, OR
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  • DJ
    Fishing Vessel DJ Member Since 2008
    Stephen Mintz
    San Diego, CA

  • Fishing Vessel Donita Member Since 2008
    Ann Timmer
    Crescent City, CA

  • Fishing Vessel Donna Lou Member Since 2010
    Shawn Farstad
  • Four Cs
    Fishing Vessel Four Cs Member Since 2004
    Robby Sanchez
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  • Gladnik
    Fishing Vessel Gladnik Member Since 2008
    Sean Eddy
    Crescent City, CA
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  • Her Grace
    Fishing Vessel Her Grace Member Since 2004
    Bob Blocker
    San Diego, CA
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  • Jody H
    Fishing Vessel Jody H Member Since 2004
    Scott Hawkins
    San Diego, CA
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  • Fishing Vessel Judy Member Since 2009
    Robert Manning
    Newport, OR
  • Juliet
    Fishing Vessel Juliet Member Since 2017
    Jimmy Phillips
    San Diego, CA

  • Fishing Vessel Karen Jan Member Since 2014
    Tom & Lori Wraith

  • Fishing Vessel Karen Michelle Member Since 2011
    John Lenty
    Vancouver, WA
  • Kilchis
    Fishing Vessel Kilchis Member Since 2008
    Gary & Debra Motsinger
    Garibaldi, OR
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  • Kraken
    Fishing Vessel Kraken Member Since 2011
    Clint Funderburg
    Longview, WA
  • Lydorein
    Fishing Vessel Lydorein Member Since 2004
    Carl Nish
    San Diego, CA
  • Mary Lu
    Fishing Vessel Mary Lu Member Since 2013
    Brett Fahning
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  • Midori
    Fishing Vessel Midori Member Since 2008
    Sean Eaddy
    Crescent City, CA
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  • Millie G
    Fishing Vessel Millie G Member Since 2004
    Jack Webster
    San Diego, CA
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  • Miss Abby
    Fishing Vessel Miss Abby Member Since 2010
    Kevin Marks
  • My Lee
    Fishing Vessel My Lee Member Since 2010
    Robert Kemp
    Coos Bay, OR

  • Fishing Vessel Nahanni Member Since 2009
    Brendan Bates
  • Nicole Marie
    Fishing Vessel Nicole Marie Member Since 2004
    Steve Rittenberg
    Astoria, OR
  • NightwindNightwind
    Fishing Vessel Nightwind Member Since 2010
    Stan & Phyllis Davis
    Bodega Bay, CA
  • Pacific Pride
    Fishing Vessel Pacific Pride Member Since 2008
    Tim Potter
    Crescent City, CA
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  • Piky
    Fishing Vessel Piky Member Since 2013
    J.J. Gerritsen
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  • Resolution
    Fishing Vessel Resolution Member Since 2005
    Richie Nehmer
    Crescent City, CA
  • Rose Mar
    Fishing Vessel Rose Mar Member Since 2009
    Steve Moore
    Morro Bay, CA
  • Rose Marie
    Fishing Vessel Rose Marie Member Since 2008
    Matthew O’Donnell
    Cave Junction, OR
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  • Royal Dawn
    Fishing Vessel Royal Dawn Member Since 2004
    Brent Bixler
    San Diego, CA
  • Scandia
    Fishing Vessel Scandia Member Since 2006
    John McDonell
    Fort Bragg, CA

  • Fishing Vessel Scorpio Member Since 2017
    Dustin Selck
    San Diego, CA
  • Sea Haven
    Fishing Vessel Sea Haven Member Since 2009
    Arthur Lorton/David Haworth
    San Diego, CA
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  • Fishing Vessel Sea Pearl Member Since 2015
    Joe Wallace
  • Seawind
    Fishing Vessel Seawind Member Since 2004
    Marcia, Ryan & Jack Vantress
    Garabaldi, OR
  • Sidewinder
    Fishing Vessel Sidewinder Member Since 2008
    Rex Olander
    Eureka, CA
  • Steel Fin II
    Fishing Vessel Steel Fin II Member Since 2004
    Tim Thomas
    Garabaldi, OR
  • Sundancer
    Fishing Vessel Sundancer Member Since 2013
    Rodney McVicker

  • Fishing Vessel Sunset Charge Member Since 2017
    Scott Kastengren
    San Diego, CA
  • Tombo
    Fishing Vessel Tombo Member Since 2007
    Kris Samuelson
    Westport, WA
  • Two Fishers
    Fishing Vessel Two Fishers Member Since 2010
    Gene Fisher
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