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View letter from National Marine Fisheries Service to US Albacore Fishermen (PDF)

NOAA Guide for Complying with the Vessel Fishing Requirements of the U.S. – Canada Albacore Treaty – April 2010 (PDF)
This guide is intended to help owners and operators of West Coast albacore fishing vessels understand what their obligations are if they wish to fish for albacore in Canadian waters, transit through Canadian waters without fishing, or use Canadian ports during the summer albacore fishing season….

U.S. Dept. of Commerce – Instructions for Complying with Federal Regulations to Fish in Canadian Waters for 2010 (PDF)

US Fishing Vessels Transiting Between Alaska and Washington State

Links from National Marine Fisheries Service Albacore page:

CDN Vessels eligible for US Waters (Download: PDF / XLS)

For US vessels wishing to participate in the Albacore Tuna Treaty with Canada, you must be aware of the Canada DFO requirements of Permanent Closed Areas and the Bowie Seamount Marine Protected Area.

A detailed map of the Bowie Seamount MPA area can be found here.

On the attached pdf of the 2009-2010 Canada DFO Fishery Management Plan, details on the Permanent Closed areas can be found on page 30, section 13.3. Details on the Bowie Seamount MPA can be found in section 9.7 pages 22-23.

Pacific Region Integrated Fisheries Management Plan: Tuna (PDF)

Visit National Marine Fisheries Services Albacore page.

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